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Bdu 6 Pocket combat shorts available in a variety of colors
Bdu 6 Pocket combat shorts available in a variety of colors

Bdu 6 Pocket combat shorts available in a variety of colors

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These rugged 6 pocket BDU combat shorts are an essential for the spring and summer, whether you are going in to battle or doing something as simple as taking a hike into the wild. These shorts boast the same Polyester/Cotton twill as our other BDU apparel, with a button fly and button flaps to prevent snagging. These BDU Combat shorts also include the extremely handy 6 pocket design, featuring bellows pockets for extra room. There are adjustable waist tabs for a customized fit, and these highly functional 6 Pocket BDU combat shorts are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Sizes range from XS to 5X. An excellent gift for any man, woman and child. Order these awesome 6 pocket BDU combat shorts today, and take advantage of their special low price!

A four color U.S. pattern, designed in 1948 by the Engineer Research & Development Laboratory (ERDL) based at Fort Belvoir, Virginia, was later revisited for use in the Vietnam War. Named ERDL Leaf pattern, it was first issued to elite reconnaissance and special operations units in early 1967.[4] It was initially produced in a lime dominant colourway, consisting of large organic shapes in mid green and brown, black ‘branches’, and light green ‘leaf highlights’. Shortly thereafter a brown dominant scheme (with the light green replaced by light tan) was manufactured. The two patterns are also known as ‘Lowland’ and ‘Highland’ ERDL respectively. The brown ‘Highland’ version was adopted as standard issue by the United States Marine Corps (USMC) from 1968, and later introduced on a wide scale in Southeast Asia by the U.S. Army, so that by the end of the Vietnam War American troops wearing camouflage combat dress had become the norm[6]. Following the withdrawal of the U.S. Army from the Southeast Asian Theatre in 1973, camouflage clothing was no longer routinely issued in that arm though the 1st Battalion 13th Infantry Regiment in Baumholder, Germany wore the Lowland ERDL in the early 1970s as an experiment. The USMC continued wearing a transitional ‘Delta’ ERDL pattern that was issued in the mid-1970s. It was not until 1981 that the U.S. Quartermaster Dept. approved another camouflaged uniform with the fielding, from September (not officially introduced until 1 October, however), of the battle dress uniform (BDU) in M81 Woodland pattern [3]. Although based on the Vietnam era brown dominant ERDL Leaf camouflage, but enlarged (by 60%)[4], and with the thicker black ‘shadows’ of the ‘Delta’ variant, the pattern was designed primarily for use in Europe. For the next two decades, this was the standard issue BDU for all arms of the U.S. military. Solid olive drab uniforms were rapidly phased out, such that by the time of Operation Urgent Fury in 1983, all participating units were clothed in M81 BDUs. The only exception being the Army Ranger Battalions who wore the olive drab uniforms until 1986.

Digital camouflage (or "digicam") is a pattern devised by utilizing small micropatterns, as opposed to larger macropatterns for effective disruption. The theory is that large blotches of color with sharp outlines are easier to see, while "blurring" the edges of the colored patches makes the outlines, and thus the objects, harder to discern. The name is misleading, as most non-digital camouflage patterns also consist of a set of discrete colors; "pixelated camouflage" would be more accurate, but "digital" has stuck. From 1978 to the early 1980s, the American 2nd Armored Cavalry Regiment stationed in Europe used a digital camouflage pattern (dual-tex) on its vehicles. During 1979 and 1980, the Australian Army experimented with digital camouflage (dual-tex) on helicopters.

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Bdu 6 Pocket combat shorts available in a variety of colors