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BloodRayne Arm Sword

BloodRayne Arm Sword

Item Number:hk-6090
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Adorn a wall in any room of your home or office with this BloodRayne Arm Sword. These arm swords make an amazing and unique collectible for any gamer, man, woman or child (under 18 with adult supervision). This is a revamped replica of the brutal arm swords featured in the BloodRayne game series. These BloodRayne swords are constructed of heavy 440 stainless steel, which is razor sharp and coated with a resistant black finish. Wield this arm sword with ease thanks to the ergonomic T handle, giving you exceptional control of your grip. These BloodRayne swords also feature an adjustable band that secures the blade safely and securely to your arm. Wow your friends with this awesome addition to your collection! Own this awesome BloodRayne Arm Sword today while supplies last at this great low price!

Rayne's character was inspired by an existing Terminal Reality-created character,[1] the dhampir Svetlana Lupescu,[2] who appeared in their 1999 game Nocturne.[1] Described as initially having a "militant, dark gothic look [...] a brunette with tight buns in her hair and a very severe body line",[3] the character went through several design changes, with an active goal to make her as appealing and distinctive as possible in order to create a franchise with lasting appeal.[1] To this end they worked to give her a unique look, relying not only on making the character sexually appealing but also make her stand out in people's eyes, which producer Raymond Holmes her arm blades achieved. Her design was additionally intended to have a presence "both menacing and sexy at the same time", which he felt made her "a particularly strong female lead character with lots of attitude".[4]

Laura Bailey described providing voice acting for the character as "a blast", though added she couldn't say she identified with the character. Bailey stated that during voice acting sessions, the director would occasionally approach her with changes to the game's script; if the dialogue was nasty enough to cause her to blush while saying the lines, he felt the change was good.[10] Romi Park stated Rayne's appearance had a large impact upon her, citing Rayne's red hair and her desire to further understand the character. She went further to describe her portrayal of the character as exhibiting "lots of sadness" as well as "strong sense of justice".

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BloodRayne Arm Sword