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Black Leather Tactical Thinsulate Gloves

Black Leather Tactical Thinsulate Gloves

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These high grade, black leather tactical gloves are a classic must-have. The industrial zipper fronts on these tactical gloves offer a snug and sturdy fit. These black leather gloves have a 3M Thinsulate lining, for maximum warmth without sacrificing mobility and comfort, as well as being water repellent. A simple necessity to add to the winter wardrobe of any man, woman or child. These Black Leather Tactical Thinsulate Gloves are a thoughtful gift during the frigid winter months. Protect your hands while shoveling or driving, and these are great for the kids during snow season. Sizes range from S to 2X. Order these great Black Leather Tactical Thinsulate Gloves, especially at their current sale price!

Thinsulate fibers are about 15 micrometres in diameter, which is thinner than the polyester fibers normally used in insulation for clothing such as gloves or winter jackets. Advertising material for thinsulate suggests that thinsulate is more effective due to the increased density of fibers with decreased size of fibers compared with more traditional insulation.[1] Like most insulation materials, the gaps between fibers not only reduce heat flow, but also allow moisture to escape. The insulation properties are beneficial for retaining some of the heat produced by the body for comfortable warmth while the moisture produced, e.g. by sweating, is supposed to evaporate.

The manufacturer claims that, for a given thickness of material, Thinsulate provides 1 to 1.5 times the insulation of duck down, while being much less water-absorbent and much more resistant to crushing. Based on an insulating value for down of 4.8 Clo per 1.1-inch (28 mm),[2] that would mean Thinsulate provides about 6.5 Clo per inch (i.e., an imperial R-value of 5.75 per inch).

In 1979, Thinsulate insulation was introduced, marketed as providing "warmth without bulk". Marketing material suggests it retains its insulating ability even in damp conditions.

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Black Leather Tactical Thinsulate Gloves