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Deluxe Medieval Battle Spear

Deluxe Medieval Battle Spear

Item Number:SHX-312
Sale Price:$34.99
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This Deluxe Medieval Battle Spear is a historical addition to any collector's or professional performer's arsenal. This Medieval Battle Spear is a functional work of art, great for jousting or slicing, or simply displaying as a reminder. This Deluxe Medieval Spear features a hand carved walnut style handle, which is smoothed to perfection. The handle of this Battle Spear also features a customized grip for added precision. The extruded spear tip of this Medieval weapon is constructed of hand forged and sharpened solid steel, and is antiqued and oxidized for authenticity and accuracy of the time period. This Medieval Battle Spear is a rare piece to acquire, so get yours today while supplies last!

Spears were one of the most common personal weapons from the Stone Age until the advent of firearms. They may be seen as the ancestor of such weapons as the lance, the halberd, the naginata, the bill and the pike. One of the earliest weapons fashioned by human beings and their ancestors, it is still used for hunting and fishing, and its influences can still be seen in contemporary military arsenals as the rifle-mounted bayonet.

Spears can be used as both ballistic and melee weapons. Spears used primarily for thrusting may be used with either one or two hands and tend to have heavier and sturdier designs than those intended exclusively for throwing. Those designed for throwing, often referred to as javelins, tend to be lighter and have a more streamlined head, and can be thrown either by hand or with the assistance of a spear thrower such as the atalatl or woomera. Out of the atlatl dart eventually the arrow for use with bows developed.

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Deluxe Medieval Battle Spear