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Deluxe Steel Enforcement Baton

Deluxe Steel Enforcement Baton

Item Number:IMNS16RB
Sale Price:$23.99
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This is a durable and formidable, retractable, solid steel police enforcement baton. When fully extended, this baton reaches 16", 21", or 26" depending on the model ordered. This police grade, gun metal baton features a sturdy rubber grip for maximum comfort and control, and also comes in it's own nylon carrying case for versatility. A necessity for anyone in the law enforcement or security field, and is on sale now for a fantastic low price!

A truncheon or baton (also called a cosh, Paddy wacker, billystick, billy club, nightstick, sap, blackjack, stick) is essentially a stick of less than arm's length, usually made of wood, plastic, or metal, and carried by law-enforcement, corrections, security, and (less often) military personnel for less lethal self-defense, as well as control and to disperse combative and non-compliant subjects. A truncheon may be used to strike, jab, block, and aid in the application of arm locks. Truncheons are used to a lesser extent by non-officials because of their easy concealment, and are outlawed in many jurisdictions. They are also frequently used to rescue people who are trapped—for instance, in cars or buildings that are on fire, by smashing windows and doors.

In the Victorian era, police in London carried truncheons about one foot long called bully clubs (from the word bully, a nickname for police officers). This developed into several varieties available today. The truncheon is a straight stick made from wood or a synthetic material, approximately 1.25 inches (32 mm) in diameter and 18–36 inches (460–910 mm) long, with a fluted handle to aid in gripping. Truncheons are often ornamented with their organizations' coats of arms. Longer truncheons are called "riot batons" because of their use in riot control.

Truncheons probably developed as a marriage between the club or mace and the staff of office or scepter.

Straight batons of rubber have a softer impact. Some of the kinetic energy bends and compresses the rubber and bounces off when the object is struck. The Russian police standard-issue baton is rubber, except in places such as Siberia, cold enough that the rubber can become brittle and break if struck.

The traffic baton is red to make it more visible as a signaling aid in directing traffic. In Russia traffic batons are striped in black and white for the same reason.

Until the mid 1990s, British police officers carried traditional wooden truncheons of a sort that had changed little from Victorian times. After the early 1990s, forces replaced truncheons with side-handle and collapsible batons for all but ceremonial duties.

The 21" baton our best selling baton length. Order yours today and don't leave home without it.

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Deluxe Steel Enforcement Baton