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The Giant Sword of Satan

The Giant Sword of Satan

Item Number:zy-sw01b
Sale Price:$69.99
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Adorn any wall in your home or office with The Giant Sword of Satan. Control your own domain with this enormous Satan broad sword. No matter what the gender, size or species, be proud of this Giant Sword of Satan, with the image of the dark lord emblazoned on the heavy steel hilt. This Satan Sword features a stainless steel blade with functional blood groove for your enjoyment. This Giant Sword of Satan is a demonic gift for any man, woman or child (under 18 with adult supervision). Keep the sword at the ready with the beautiful walnut plaque. Order The Giant Sword of Satan today for it's amazing low price, while supplies last!

History of Satan - Satanís seduction versus reality In our scientific, rational age, spiritual beliefs are scorned as myth. Satan, however, doesnít mind those who rebuff the reality of fallen angels or demons. By masking himself, he can tempt and deceive people without blame. The wise will never forget that Satan and demons, determined to deceive humans, are fighting real battles and wars against heavenly angels.

Satan compels or entices his prey to follow him whether they realize it or not. Maybe they are simply ignorant and confused. Many would rather believe human theory than obey divine revelation and natural law. Whether blind, bound, or brazenly willing, they join Satan for a doomed destiny. They condemn themselves to eternity in hell.

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The Giant Sword of Satan