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Limited Edition Evil Spirit Sai Holder

Limited Edition Evil Spirit Sai Holder

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Anyone can be possessed by this ceramic style evil sai holder. This unattractive and demonic sai holder has come to take the sole of every man woman or child who aspires to become the great warrior. So, act now and seize the spirit before the this sai holder steals it away. It is a great addition to any decor, a wonderful place to display and store your sai and a reminder of who you can become.

Our web site is the best venue to gain control of this lovely chunk of evil by virtue of the accompanying implements of destruction, remember get it now while it is just lurking in the shadows!

Before its arrival on Okinawa, the sai was already being used in several other Asian countries including India, Thailand, China, Vietnam Malaysia and Indonesia.[4]The Indonesian form of the sai is called a tjabang , which is used in the Indonesian fighting art known as pentjak-silat.[5][6] Early evidence from Java in the form of art work is said to show that the tjabang predates the sai's use in Okinawa and China.[4]The tjabang is said to have been developed from the trisula. The word trisula itself can refer to both a long or short-handled trident. Because the trisula was created in South Asia, another theory is that the sai originated in India and spread along with Hinduism and Buddhism. This is supported by the fact that the trisula is important as a Hindu-Buddhist symbol.

The sai eventually reached Japan in the form of the jutte or jitte, which usually has only a single prong although some jutte have two prongs like a sai. Both are truncheon-like weapons, used for striking and bludgeoning.

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Limited Edition Evil Spirit Sai Holder