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Medieval European Battle Sword

Medieval European Battle Sword

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Adorn any house or office with this one of a kind European Medieval Battle Sword. Delicately crafted, The European Medieval Battle Sword is an incredible addition to any collection. The blade section features a central ridged giving the European Medieval Battle Sword its sleek appearance. The grip is leather wrapped and the guard and pommel are elegant in their functional simplicity. The European Battle Sword is uniquely crafted, demanding the attention of every eye. Not only a perfect collectors item, but a must have for all! Handle color is available in either black or silver. Buy your very own European Medieval Battle Sword Today!

Fun Facts: By far the most famous weaponry of the Middle Ages are the swords. They are often accompanied by the symbol of chivalry and knights.

Swords were divided into many categories, the two most important being:

Single-handed swords - These were usually very light and were accompanied by a shield. They could easily cut an unarmored opponent - but when the opponent was wearing an armor, they were not as useful. Nevertheless, these swords evolved and were made very sharp so they could penetrate any type of armory. This only happened after many centuries, and thus; were not very effective before. Single-handed swords were very common against barbaric tribes who rarely used armor. Nevertheless, against a well equipped army, they could be seemingly useless (unless used right).

Single-handed swords were also very popular for duels among nobles and the lower classes. They could generally mean the death of an opponent as they were so sharp that cuts were usually deadly.

Two-handed swords:They were usually very heavy and thus; only strong men could carry them. Since these swords could not be accompanied by a shield, most soldiers relied on very heavy armor in order to protect themselves effectively. This was, most of the time, a common cause for the slow demise of foot soldiers as carrying a complete heavy armor and a two-handed sword would result in an extreme amount of weight.

Nevertheless, two-handed swords were very effective at penetrating an enemy's armor. In most of the cases, they were so powerful that not only could they destroy an armor, but they could also completely cut a man in two - his armor included.

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Medieval European Battle Sword