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Ninja Folding Grappling Hook

Ninja Folding Grappling Hook

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This folding all steel grappling hook is useful to any ninja, man, woman or child. Folds into a neat little package for those covert missions. Repelling rope is included, and this item is vital to any ninja.

Grappling hook From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search

In grappling or wrestling the term hook refers to an arm or leg position designed to help control an opponent.

A soldier loading the hook.

A grappling hook is a hook attached to a rope, designed to be thrown or projected a distance, where its hooks will engage with the target. Grappling hooks were originally used in naval warfare to catch the rigging of an enemy ship so that it could be drawn in and boarded. Later, grappling hooks were also used in rescue work or to assist in scaling walls.

The most common design consists of a central shaft with a hole at the base of the shaft, called an "eye" to attach the rope, and three equally spaced hooks at the end of the shaft, so arranged that at least one is likely to catch on some protuberance of the target. Some modern designs feature folding hooks to resist unwanted attachment. Most grappling hooks are thrown by hand, but some used in rescue work are propelled by compressed air or a rocket.

Grappling hooks are currently used by combat engineers breaching tactical obstacles. The grappling hook is launched over the open ground in front of the obstacle and dragged backwards in an attempt to detonate trip-wire-fused land mines, and can be hooked onto wire obstacles and pulled to set off any booby traps on the wire. Two tools are available for this purpose; the rifle-launched grapnel, a single-use grappling hook placed on the end of an M4/M16 rifle, or the crossbow launched version.[1] A grapnel can clear up to 99 percent of the trip-wires in a single pass.

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Ninja Folding Grappling Hook