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Skull Belt with Concealed Knife

Skull Belt with Concealed Knife

Item Number:IMDV01SK
Sale Price:$24.99
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Make a sharp fashion statement with this Skull belt with Concealed Knife. This Skull belt is a completely inconspicuous way to protect yourself in any situation and still remain totally fashionable. This is an awesome black nylon belt with a black Pakkawood buckle, proudly bearing a skull and crossbones in a beautiful pewter finish. Perfect for any man, woman or child (under 18 with adult supervision), this Skull Belt with Concealed Knife will fit up to a 52 inch waist. The belt itself is 1 1/4 inches wide, and will fit any size of belt loop. The real perk to this skull belt is the hidden knife, which can be revealed by removing the buckle. This blade is constructed of razor sharp stainless steel, and half serrated with a black finish. The buckle turns into the knife's handle. This Skull Belt with Concealed Knife will fit any size and any lifestyle. Anyone can wear this everywhere and never be caught off guard with this Skull Belt with Concealed Knife. Own yours today for it's special new price!

The Jolly Roger is the name given to any of various flags flown to identify a ship's crew as pirates. The flag most usually identified as the Jolly Roger today is the skull and crossbones, being a flag consisting of a skull above two tibiae set in an x-mark arrangement on a black field. This design was used by several pirates, including Captains Edward England and John Taylor. Some Jolly Roger flags also include an hourglass, representing that the victims' time to surrender was running out. Despite its prominence in popular culture, plain black flags were often employed by most pirates in the 17th-18th century. Historically, the flag was flown to frighten pirates' victims into surrendering without a fight, since it conveyed the message that the attackers were outlaws who would not consider themselves bound by the usual rules of engagement—and might, therefore, slaughter those they defeated (since captured pirates were usually hanged, they didn't have much to gain by asking quarter if defeated). The same message was sometimes conveyed by a red flag, as discussed below.

Since the decline of piracy, various military units have used the Jolly Roger, usually in skull-and-crossbones design, as a unit identification insignia or a victory flag to ascribe to themselves the proverbial ferocity and toughness of pirates.

In a non-naval context the Skull and crossbones motif has additional meanings, for example, to signify a hazard such as poison.

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Skull Belt with Concealed Knife