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Skeleton Knife with Internal Lighter

Skeleton Knife with Internal Lighter

Item Number:wc11
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Men, women and children, own this limited edition skeleton knife with an internal lighter before they are gone forever. Stainless steel blade with razor sharp laser honed edge and embossed skeleton. All aluminum custom designed handle with skull head and viking helmet. Press the top of the handle to use the lighter portion with convenience and ease. Black ballistic scabbard custom tooled to fit this work of art.

The History of the knife The cavemen man was the first to us knives as a vital tool for his survival. The earliest knives were shaped by a method called “knapping" which is the percussive flaking of rock. Breaking away parts until a blade was formed. The most common rock used in this process was obsidian, which is a naturally formed glass, or a hard stone flint. Before these materials, blades were formed from wood and bone. Now from the stone age of knives so to speak the knife was constantly evolving becoming more and more proficient in its design. This was the best type of hunting knives made at this time. Man has now discovered alloys such as copper, bronze, and iron. Still these materials were soft and proved to be inferior. Not having the capability of holding an edge with to much use, even after a few cuts the blade would become dull. Even though this would be a problem the knife was still superior to it ancestors of wood, bone, rock, and glass versions. These knives still resembled their predecessors in look and style. Most of which were forged as a double-edged dagger. These times were known to many as the Dark Ages. Medieval times are where the knife evolved with leaps and bounds. The knife transformed with the aid of greed and power into the sword. The way of life and the rule of the land was “live by the sword" which brought upon the inevitable “die by the sword".

During this era the double-edged dagger was also evolving into the blade we most commonly use today the drop point blade. The material was changed from the softer alloys bronze and copper in what we are familiar with the metal known as steel. Steel being much harder and capable of holding an edge much longer with a lot more use steel was the metal of choice and used for forging swords, spears, arrowheads, axes, knives, and much more. Still through out all this the fixed blade was the only blade wielded by farmer and Knights alike. The next major step in the evolution of the knife was the pocketknife. Although we are not real sure of the date the first pocketknife was made, we do know that the production of lock back blades wasn’t until the 1900’s

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Skeleton Knife with Internal Lighter