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Solid Brass Handheld Expandable Telescope

Solid Brass Handheld Expandable Telescope

Item Number:se03tele
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This magnificent handheld solid brass expandable telescope comes with it's own authentic leather sheath, available in 12", 24" and 32". These telescopes are fully adjustable and have crystal clear optics. They're a perfect starter telescope for the curious astronomer, the aspiring pirate and mariner, or simply a beautiful and functional addition to your home. These are currently on sale for a limited time only (over 50% saved!)


The first telescopes may have been the Nimrud lens, by the ancient Assyrians, but the Visby lenses tentatively suggest that the technology was known to the Arabs and Persians. Leonard Digges is sometimes credited with the invention in England in the 1570s, but usually credit for assembling the first telescope is given to an unknown Dutch spectacle maker in about 1608. Some name that person as Hans Lippershey (c. 1570 c. 1619), but Jacob Metius and Zacharias Jansen also claimed to have invented a telescope during the same period. Even if Lippershey did not make the first one, he publicized it. Galileo Galilei made his own telescope in 1609, calling it at first a "perspicillum," and then using the terms "telescopium" in Latin and "telescopio" in Italian (from which the English word derives). Galileo is generally credited with being the first to use a telescope for astronomical purposes. (Also the telescope was first used to spot ships.) Galileo's telescope consisted of a convex object lens and a concave eye lens, which is universally called a Galilean telescope (used as a viewfinder in many simple cameras). Later, Johannes Kepler described the optics of lenses (see his books Astronomiae Pars Optica and Dioptrice), including a new kind of astronomical telescope with two convex lenses (a principle often called the Kepler telescope).

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Solid Brass Handheld Expandable Telescope