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Speed Nunchakas with chain


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These are 12" Black enamel speed nunchakas with chains and ball bearings. Made of the highest quality wood and steel at an incredible price

The popular belief is that the nunchucks was originally a short Southeast Asian flail used to thresh rice or soybeans (that is, separate the grain from the husk). It is possible that it was developed in response to the moratorium on edged weaponry under the Satsuma daimyo after invading Okinawa in the 17th century, and that the weapon was most likely conceived and used exclusively for that end, as the configuration of actual flails and bits are unwieldy for use as a weapon. Also, peasant farmers were forbidden conventional weaponry such as arrows or blades so they improvised using only what they had available, farm tools such as the sickle.

However, it seems that mythology surrounding the origins of the nunchucks has little historical accuracy. Unlike Okinawan rice flail (utzu), original nunchucks had curved arms, resembling an Okinawan horse bit (muge), which gave rise to the theory that nunchucks was originally a horse bridle. Yet another theory asserts that it was adapted from an instrument carried by the village night watch, made of two blocks of wood joined by cord. The night watch would hit the blocks of wood together to attract people's attention and then warn them about fires and other dangers. According to Chinese folklore, the nunchucks is a variation of the two section staff.

Associating nunchucks and other Okinawan weapons with rebellious peasants is probably a part of romantic imagery. Martial arts on Okinawa were practiced exclusively by aristocracy (kazoku) and "serving nobles" (shizoku) but were prohibited among commoners (heimin). Furthermore, Okinawan disarmament was never total; nobles were still allowed to carry their swords and members of the royal family and princes were even allowed to have rifles for hunting. Whatever its origins were, the nunchucks was not a popular weapon, evidenced by the fact that no known traditional nunchucks kata exists. This was possibly a result of its lack of efficiency against weapons such as the sword.

The nunchucks are most commonly used in Okinawan kobudo and karate, but it is also used in eskrima (accurately, the tabak-toyok, a similar though distinct Philippine weapon is used, as opposed to the Okinawan nunchucks), taekwondo and hapkido. Its application is different in each style. The traditional Okinawan forms use the sticks primarily to grip and lock. Filipino martial artists use it much the same way they would wield a stick, so striking is given precedence. Korean systems combine offensive and defensive moves so both locks and strikes are taught.

Nunchucks are usually wielded singly but they can also be paired. It can be whirled around, using its hardened handles for blunt force as well as wrapping its chain around an attacking weapon to immobilise or disarm the opponent. Nunchucks training has been noted to increase hand speed, correct posture, and condition the hands of the practitioner so it makes a useful training weapon.

Freestyle nunchaku is a modern style of performance art using the nunchucks as a visual tool rather than as a weapon. With the growing prevalence of the Internet the availability of nunchucks has increased greatly, combining this with the popularity of other video sharing sites many people have become interested in learning how to use the weapons for freestyle displays. Freestyle is one discipline of competition held by the World Nunchaku Association. Some modern martial arts teach the use of nunchucks as it may help students improve their reflexes, hand control, and other skills.

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Speed Nunchakas with chain