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Tactical Knife Tarpon Bay

Tactical Knife Tarpon Bay

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This is a great asset for any man woman or child, limited edition T Bay fixed blade knife. From the beautifully hand crafted satin gray handles to the 440 stainless steel blade. Also included is a hand tooled leather sheath which can be worn on the belt when hunting, camping, fishing, or simply working in the kitchen.

Materials and construction Main article: Knife making

Today, knives come in many forms but can be generally categorized between two broad types: fixed blade knives and folding, or pocket, knives. Characteristic parts of the knife

Modern knives consist of a blade (1) and handle (2). The blade edge can be plain or serrated or a combination of both. The handle, used to grip and manipulate the blade safely, may include the tang, a portion of the blade that extends into the handle. Knives are made with partial tangs (extending part way into the handle, known as a "Stick Tang") or full tangs (extending the full length of the handle, often visible on top and bottom). The handle can also include a bolster, which is a piece of material used to balance the knife, usually brass or other metal, at the front of the handle where it meets the blade. The blade consists of the point (3), the end of the knife used for piercing, the edge (4), the cutting surface of the knife extending from the point to the heel, the grind (5), the cross section shape of the blade, the spine, (6), the top, thicker portion of the blade, the fuller (7), the groove added to lighten the blade, and the ricasso (8), the thick portion of the blade joining the blade and the handle. The guard (9) is a barrier between the blade and the handle which protects the hand from an opponent, or the blade of the knife itself. A choil, where the blade is unsharpened and possibly indented as it meets the handle, may be used to prevent scratches to the handle when sharpening or as a forward-finger grip. The end of the handle, or butt (10), may allow a lanyard (11), used to secure the knife to the wrist, or a portion of the tang to protrude as a striking surface for hitting or glass breaking.

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Tactical Knife Tarpon Bay